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To start; We offer two main types of catering, with a hybrid or two.
Full Service/Buffet Style; Beautiful roll top chafers, Carving stations, 8 foot professional buffet tables with full length black tablecloths, “Chef Man’d” included in pricing, and much more.
There’s simply nothing we can’t do for you with this classic approach to catering. 
…Boils down to what’s your budget & what would you like to be served? 
Options including, but not limited too; Passed hors d’oeuvres, stationary appetizer table, “Chef Man’d” carving, serving, & plating, cake cutting, servers, and more. 
What we do vs all other caterers; We bring our mobile kitchens on site, and prepare your food, all the while keeping the buffet stocked for the freshest possible catering, from our kitchens right outside the back door!
Food Truck Style; How it all got started! We operate both a classic food truck and a custom built trailer. We can serve about 500+ off of each piece of equipment without having to restock. We can process about 30 orders at once, and have it all out in about 12-14 minutes. Serving 75-100 ppl in approximately 1 hour or less.
Not fast enough…? Book both trucks to double our speed so you can get to partying the night away (*a premium of $500 will be required for the second truck if requested for parties at or under 150). 
We offer a few extras with the food truck option as well including, but not limited too; stationary appetizer table, passed hors d’oeuvres, servers (we’ll take your order, go get it, and serve to your seat at the table), etc.
Little background on me…
Ive been the Executive Chef of The Stacked Pickle, The Claddagh (Plainfield), Executive Sous Chef of MBP Distinctive Catering, Sous Chef of the Bistro 121 (Bottom floor of the Columbia Club on the circle). I have a bachelors degree in culinary arts. Worked in Chicago, Atlanta, Boca Raton, Ft Lauderdale, and of course Indy. Got about 30yrs in the restaurant industry. 
Started Serendipity Mobile Catering in May of 2012 and haven’t looked back. 
Serendipity began as a food truck with me wanting to do much higher end, almost tablecloth casual quality food, cooked to order, as fast as possible, and as fairly priced as possible. 
Serendipity by definition means; Fortunate Happenstance, or happy accident! Or in other words, you just got an award winning crab cake off of a food truck of all places! I’m also blessed with thee most dedicated and quite frankly, the most badass team ever! These guys get all the glory, without them… I’m nothing! I’ve got about 600+ weddings in my career, with my company, with Serendipity, doing about 30-40 a year.
Our (Street stuff) Menus…
We’ve fine tuned about 4, very comprehensive “Street Menus” over the past 9 yrs. 
…The “Truck Menu” is our oldest & most popular. This menu offers; a seafood option in the Crab Cake, ham & pork option in the Cubano, chicken option in the Red Molè Tacos (Gluten Free), red meat option in the Elk Burger, a vegetarian, non vegetarian, or even vegan option in the Rice Bowl (Gluten Free), and a vegetarian offering in the Grilled Cheese(s). All are complete entrees, served with hand-cut fries or Basmati rice and Cuban style black beans. 
…The “Trailer Menu” changes every year (so I can keep my sanity/switch it up a bit). This years offerings are authentic tacos and scratch to order guacamole & chips including, “Birria” tacos! If you don’t know what Birria is, you might want to never try them, that way you won’t know what you’re missing when I take em away from you next year!
  1. Both of these menus are designed to be complete & we do not like to deprive you or your guests of options, so we’d prefer to not omit any one item. We cook everything to order, so everything is in batches, in refrigeration, and designed to be 3-5 days shelf stable, so what we don’t serve at your party, will stay in refrigeration and get served the next day. This also enables us to guarantee that we will not sell out of any one item. Previous “Street Menus” (2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017) Trailer menus and or the alternative street menu items are available by request. 
…Traditional/Buffet Style Menus/Pricing; This is a wide open canvas! What’s your budget & what do you want to be served? Simply put… There’s nothing we can’t do! You provide the dining room and we’ll provide the kitchen, and more! We can even help provide the room/venue with multiple venues around the greater Indianapolis area that we work with/at.
…Pricing & Such; Food Truck Style… the best package is $15.75/per person “All In”. All in meaning; Select a menu (American Regional or Trailer (Grilled cheese selection required for American Regional Menu only)). Each guest will be served an entree of their choice, and have all the options available to them, including the “Add a Mini”, “Truffle Up”, & a Fiji Water (sodas available upon request). We’ll use a Non-Priced version of our menu(s), it’s no one’s business what your spending on them. Serendipity only charges a “Site Fee” if we’re needed to leave/go outside of Marion County or it’s surrounding counties. So… so long as you’re within Marion and the “Donut” counties, there will be no “Site Fee” or additional charge to get us to show up and serve you! 
I don’t think there’s any benefit to doing one way of catering vs the other… It really is up to you & what you want. We’re happy and honored to be considered as your caterer, and with over 650+ weddings in my career, my team and I will knock it out of the park. 
We offer free tastings, for up to 6 people. We can come to you, you can come to our commissary in Noblesville, or if you’re considering “Street Food”, you can come out to any event that is on my calendar on our website, that doesn’t say private, and we’ll feed yah! 
Ways we’re different…
Locally sourced
Freshest possible catering 
Deposit Policy unlike any other caterer.
Deposit Requirement (50% down)
Proteins provided by Indiana Farms (except seafood) via L.E. Kincaids Butchery
Charging you for what *served
*Meaning; we’ll have a scheduled call the week before to cross the t’s and dot the i’s, and we’ll allow you to go up or down in your expected attendance. So your back end payment could be lower than your deposit, if you have less “RSVP” than invited/deposited. 
We don’t let money get in the way, so lets schedule a tasting (see if I can cook), and go from there! 
Hopefully this helps, or at least is a start! 
Please don’t hesitate to call, email, text, or even send smoke signals, if you have any questions, concerns, or want to schedule a tasting. 
Please keep in mind, I’m a owner/operator, so if you call… please leave a voice mail, email… gimme a day’s grace for a response… Texting will get you the fastest response… Smoke signals don’t work too well! 
Team Serendipity